JOHNNY  PICKLEBALL ® SPORTS        ​             


1. THREE PERSON - Emperor of the Court

This interesting game begins with a Pickleball “Emperor" of the receiving court (Player B) returning serve from Player A.  Player C is just sitting out the point(s) while Player A and Player B play singles points.  Player A serves to Emperor Player B and the point is played out.  The challenging server must win 2 points in a row to replace the Emperor .  If the server commits a fault he will rotate out with Player C and Player C challenger will start the point on his/her serve, attempting to win 2 points in a row to replace the Emperor  The Emperor remains Emperor of the Court until the server (Player A or C) can win two points in a row. 

​2.  Serve into the hola hoop target 42 feet away with 12' arch to buy time, to keep opponents back, and tp make the ball bounce high on receiver's back hand side.  The goal is to serve deep.  Return serve in the same manner.

3. Pop balls up high and hit overheads. Work on those overheads.

​4. Hit 3rd shots. Practice. Practice. Practice.  Hit it just before the 2nd bounce. Lift with knees. Scoop & arch. Hit to 3 inch lower center.

5. Return with volleys drill at various locations on the court.

6. Top spin forehands.  It's kinda like the tennis top spin.

​7. Top spin backhands.

8.  Forehand spins.

​9. Backhand spins.

​10. Backhand serve.  Try it sometimes.

11. Lobs (forehand & backhand). Backup safely.

​12. Sometimes power serve but keep the serve in play.

13. Cross step

14. Split step

15. Poach

16. Tag team doubles

17.  Three on three

18.  Three Player Game - In this three player game, each player will take turns serving and trying to win points against the other two players. However, each server will get two service turns instead of one and will serve from the right side when they have an even number of points and from the left side when they have an odd number of points.  Three Player Game - variation #1
This three player game is played exactly like above except that the returning team can only hit to the half of the court that the server has served from. This gives the serving player just as good a chance to win the point as if he had a partner. More importantly, it means that he/she can practice dinks and lobs just as he/she might in a regular game of doubles.

19. Hit forehands & backhands down the middle.  "Down the middle solves the riddle".

20. Practice switching hands to get to some tough shots.

21. Keep your paddle up.  Always.

22. Shadow your partner.

23.  Call the ball.

24. Get to the no volley line ASAP.

25. Hit the ball down at opponent's feet.

26. Hit high percentage shots.

27. Hit to opponent's weakness.

28. There is no rule where the partner of the server or partner of receiver can stand.  Try a switch-a-roo to put forehands in the middle.

29. Keep it in play - let opponent make mistake.  Patience.

​30. Do not miss your serve.

31. Get in ready (basketball) position to return serve.

32. Quitely click tongue at time of ball impact.

33. Continental grip with 1/6th turn to backhand.

​33.  75% of shots should be at NVZ line volleying.

34. Balance is important before and after the shot to hit a strong shot and to prevent falls

35.  Move feet and flex knees.

36.   4 ball forehands

36.   Push equals control and swing equals power

37.  Bloopy on  long serve and  attacking  on short

38. 2 hand backhand