JOHNNY  PICKLEBALL ® SPORTS        ​             



Does not have a steep learning curve.

Can be played by people of all ages and skill levels.

It is much more intuitive than tennis.

Cool name that generates interest.

The court is much smaller.

The ball moves slower than tennis.

Lots of laughter.

You don't have to go so far to chase the ball.

Lots of tournaments.

Many interesting types of paddles.

The rallies are longer.

The smaller court makes it easier to talk - laugh and trash talk.

It is not primarily about  speed - power - strength.

It is about patience - strategy - placement.

Some good-natured ribbing .

The paddles are reasonably priced.

Funny name.


Helps to make a better life for you.

Lowers blood pressure.

Burns body fat.

Improves balance.

Coaching and training just about anywhere you go.

Improves your reaction time.

Helps to make friends.

Spins .



Drop shots.


Third shot.



Under hand serve.

You can participate in one of the fastest-growing sports.

It is clearly the friendliest sport.

You can find a game just about anywhere you go.

The unique sound of the ball being hit by the paddle.

Promotes a family atmosphere.


The net reminds you of the tennis net being about the same height .

It's portable and mobile.

Great fun with the social aspect to it.

It can be competitive.

Has numerous health benefits.

Helpful USAPA Ambassadors.

Played worldwide.

Inexpensive to play.

Lots of fun.

Pickleball changes lives.